We've opened our volunteer positions for the year for our non-profit!

At indiefilmTO, we treat our volunteers like they were one of us. You'll get a chance to actually exercise the skills you've learned in school hands-on, so none of this "theoretical" stuff you see in other companies.

About us? Well... filmmakers tend to fall into the trap that if you have a "great film" that's all you need. This is really dangerous.

There's a difference between getting better and getting results.

We focus on showing filmmakers deep strategies on the stuff outside of their "craft" (not just tactics) and also by teaching self-development, since 80% of your success is your psychology while only 20% is mechanics.

Already interested?

Here's some of the things you can be doing... Choose wisely:

Don't even apply unless you're a truly awesome human.

That is, you have a BURNING desire to succeed and are extremely "other people" oriented, highly motivated and NEVER say die.

You'll develop deep and meaningful relationships with the people you interact with, both at our company (we're a startup of just 3 filmmakers and some part-time employees) as well the externally (networking with others in the film industry).

Don't call unless you fit this bill! 

If you wanna build an empire within our lovely film incubator by doing one of the roles below, then that's the type of attitude we're looking for. :)

We don't take-in "backgrounds"... even for our volunteer positions we only take top performers.

Superstars ONLY.

Finding fulfilling volunteer work, with room to grow, can be tough...

We know from experience that finding a fit is difficult and you end up wondering things like "Do I even believe in this company?" or something like "I have something I wanna contribute, but I feel like I'm just doing grunt work at most place.. is it just me?".

Here are a few answers:


It is hard, sometimes impossible, to find your own placement when everyone is looking for experience. What you want is to learn and grow the skills you're interested in.


You'll get the chance to network with people in the entertainment industry. We're a small film startup but we're growing and you'll be growing along with us.


We are looking for volunteers until Aug 2019!

Random Benefits

  • we guarantee you plenty of hours(there's lots to do, and lots of ways to add value)
  • 100% flexible hours and most of the work can be done remotely (though we want you in the office at least once a week for two hours)
  • learn a MASSIVE amount of things you haven't learned in school, and actually apply the things you have learned
  • get reunited with your long lost mother

Okay maybe not that last one. Anyway, like we said, we're a year old film startup who's growing very fast and we're not going to be looking at applications after the deadline so please apply by then.

- Curt

One more thing...

"Finding a volunteer placement that is challenging yet not pushy, where you can grow and not just "get the coffee", can be near f*cking impossible. I'm so glad that indiefilmTO made it easy for me."

Carlos (film student from Seneca)

indiefilmTO 2019 

Contact volunteer [at] indiefilmTO.com with any questions